For small and large-scale investors who are seeking to diversity their equity and achieve returns from day one.

  • Natural persons of legal age of Spanish nationality.
  • Foreign natural persons of legal age in possession of a foreign national identification number (NIE).
  • Legal persons who have a Spanish tax identification number (CIF). 

We will you the returns on your investment into the bank account that you have indicated in the data form, according to the frequency of each product (monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually). Also, each settlement will include a list of the returns, deductions, etc. available on the Orion intranet.

No. The return is fixed and is established according to the product chosen by the investor.

Orión Gestión Activos selects investments very carefully through a team of specialists in order to minimise risks. As well as the selection of products, Orion guarantees your investment by granting you a mortgage guarantee.

All of our clients’ guarantees provide a mortgage guarantee for the assets in which they invest.

Each investment has a maturity date when the investment is recouped. Also, depending on the product chosen, there might be a liquidity term (earlier than the maturity date) when investors can request the recoupment of their investments.

Your investment is not risk free, but in the event of significant changes in the market your investment will be supported by the mortgage guarantee associated with the chosen asset.

  1. Natural persons: returns will be taxed as return on investment in your income tax (IRPF). Returns generated are subject to IRPF as investment income. The tax rate will depend on the tax basis according to the table below:

Legal persons. Taxation on interest. Interest obtained from loans by investors that are subject to corporation tax in Spain will be subject to withholdings for corporation tax by the borrowers at the applicable rate in the 2016 financial year, which is 19%.These investors will be entitled to apply the withholdings for corporation tax as a tax credit that can be offset in their tax obligations in Spain. The final result for corporation tax of investors will depend on their specific circumstances.When making the payment of the returns to investors, Orion will make a withholding for IRPF at the applicable rate, which in the 2016 financial year is 19%. In their tax returns, investors will be entitled to apply these withholdings as a tax credit that can be offset in IRPF when calculating their tax obligations related to returns from investment income. 

Yes, whenever this is provided for in the product characteristics.

This is an account overseen by a notary. Your investment is protected during the subscription period and is only released through the formalisation of the mortgage guarantee. In addition to these benefits: 

  • It protects the handling of funds.
  • It minimises risks, because of the escrow account’s neutrality. 
  • Confidentiality by providing a secure, private way or making the investment.

Returns or profits are collected depending on each product: monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually and are paid into the bank account designated by the investor.

Maximum security. According to the product type, your investment is guaranteed by:

  • A mortgage guarantee formalised before a notary.

Each product has minimum or multiple investments assigned to it. As a general rule, each product has a minimum investment associated with it.

Yes. Companies can invest in any of the available investment products.

In certain products Orion can cancel the investment early. However, if this situation arises then an extraordinary bonus (return) is paid to investors, as defined previously in the product characteristics.

Once the minimum time period has passed, if this is provided in the product, you can request divestment by: 

  • Sending an e-mail from the website (xxx). 
  • Sending a letter to the address of Orión Gestión de Activos (xxx) This divestment will be paid within the maximum time period indicated in each product.

Orión Gestión de Activos offers products with a mortgage guarantee on operating real estate assets:

  1. Rented housing.
  2. Parking spaces.
  3. Tourist apartments.
  4. Leased commercial premises. Office buildings with exclusive tenants.   

It is not necessary, but there are two options:

  • Issues without rejection: product issues that are always invested in regardless of the investment percentage obtained.
  • Issues with rejection: product issues where if they are not covered (subscribed), the contribution you have made is returned to you. 

The location of the properties is specified in each product. Orión Gestión de Activos mainly invests in the Balearic Islands and especially in Majorca.

Orión Gestión de Activos assesses and analyses each investment project, from both a financial and legal point of view.

  • You will receive a receipt of funds document, where we will confirm receipt of the money.
  • At the end of the subscription period we will pay you the interest that is generated during this time, as established for each product.
  • Once the subscription period ends, your money will be applied to the selected investment and you will receive a copy of the mortgage guarantee deed that supports the investment. 

Individual investors can decide on the destination of their investments based on the minimum investment for each product, their preferences and diversification.

Once you have chosen the product that you wish to invest in, you have to:

  • Complete the data form. This document is required in order to comply with the LOPD (Personal Data Protection Act), and to identify you as an investor and make the payments of interest into the bank account that you indicate.
  • Make a bank transfer into the bank account that appears (escrow account). This is a notary account where your investment is deposited until the transaction is formalised.

Orión Gestión de Activos will send you:

  • Confirmation of receipt of the data form.
  • A receipt of funds document.
  • A user password so that you can enter the Orion intranet environment.  

On the Orión Gestión de Activos website (www.orionactivos.es) you will find a file for each product, including all the relevant data and information.

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