To buy to rent returns to be an attractive investment. The demand is kept, both of rent and of purchase, for what they constitute a good opportunity.

The characteristics that they convert to the assets into an interesting investment are your location, your adaptability so much for professional like resident use, high quality in the facilities and to contribute a bonus of professionalized management. It is a question of a business of great liquidity and rotation, where always an important buying demand is going to exist.

Our product Orión Parkings "Sa Gerrería", is a product of investment that remunerates the investor with an interest rate per year payable of 2,50 % quarterly and that includes mortgage direct guarantee for the holder on a square(seat) of parking in full center of Palma de Mallorca.

The investor can recover his investment from the first year, being the term estimated of 5 years (up to 31/03/2021).

This investment needs a minimal contribution of 20.000 €, being able to invest in amount Superiors providing that they are multiple of the above mentioned amount.

Orión Parking Premium
60.000 € (50.00%) 120.000 €
Return 2.75 %
Subscription Hasta 31/12/2016 -
Dwell time 2 años
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Characteristics Descargar pdf
Investment objective 120.000 €
Período Mínimo Permanencia 2 años
Rentabilidad periodo de suscripción 2.75 %
Product Type Loan
Guarantee of the interests Mortgage
Minimal investment (ticket) 60.000 or superior to multiples 20.000
Transaction costs Free of charge
Annual guaranteed interest 2.75 %
Credit of interests Quarterly (Postpayable)
Minimal period Permanency 2 years since moratage's signature
Maturity of the investment 31/03/2021
Subscription period Until 31/12/2016
Ticket Reserve Deposit in the notarial deposit account
I pay interest period subscription 0,25 % since deposit date until mortgage signature
Lender Early cancellation since 24 months from mortgage signature (Prior notice 3 months)
Borrower Early cancellation from 12 months since mortgage signature with aditional payment coupon 1.50 %
Legal formalization Public deeds
Taxation of the Performance PIT (Return on capital) or IS
Legal advisers and Tributaries The legal partner
Notary Antonio Roca Arañó

( ¹ ) Bank Account in notarial custody until the date of execution of the mortgage guarantee.

( ² ) Investments should cover the total investment at the end of the subscription period will be returned.

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